Grand Magus Doane

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MobGrand Magus Doane
Image of Grand Magus Doane
Gender Male
Race Human (Dragonkin)
Level 20
Health 1,936
Mana 2,450
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Tower of Ilgalar, Redridge Mountains [71.4, 44.9]

Grand Magus Doane is the human guise of the black dragon Darkblaze. He is initially located in the Tower of Ilgalar in Redridge Mountains but later comes outside for the final confrontation with John J. Keeshan.

Inside the tower, he will summon an abomination. Though he is not a tough fight, this should be kept in mind when engaging him.


Tower of Ilgalar

The path to damnation awaits...
MINION, to my aid!
You realize not the errors of your ways, but soon you will cower before Darkblaze.


The Bravo Company, all present and accounted for...
Did you truly believe that the orcs had the presence of mind required to plan an invasion of this magnitude?
No matter. You will die now, a paltry offering to Deathwing as our march on Stormwind begins.
Darkblaze yells: Feel the master's rage! COME AND DIE!

Objective of


Doane is the post-Cataclysm replacement for Mob Morganth, a level 26 virtually identical mob. Curiously, he uses the same database ID and model, and thus Morganth no longer exists in the game files. It is unclear if there is intended to be some relationship between the two.

Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Morganth has been replaced by Grand Magus Doane.

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