Grand Marshal Tremblade

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AllianceGrand Marshal Julianne Tremblade
Image of Grand Marshal Julianne Tremblade
Title <Elite Conquest Quartermaster>
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 102 Rare Elite
Character class Warrior
Health 7,874,794
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Stormwind, Alliance, Wrynn's Vanguard
Occupation Grand Marshal of Wrynn's Vanguard
Location Stormshield Stronghold, Ashran
Status Alive

Grand Marshal Julianne Tremblade is the Alliance faction leader in Ashran, found in the main building in Stormshield Stronghold. She also serves as Elite Conquest gear vendor.

Objective of


  • Don't let those Horde anywhere near Stormshield, <name>.
  • For the Alliance!
  • Your advance stops here!
Stormshield is under attack! To the defenses. Push them back!
Reinforcements have arrived! Clear this rabble from Stormshield!

Interactions (audio only)

  • How are you holding up?
  • How fares the battle?
  • Greetings, Commander.
  • What's going on out there?
  • For the Alliance!
  • Never leave a man behind!
  • Our fortifications must stand!
  • Fight well Commander!
  • These must never take this bastion.
  • Surely you have more important things to do Commander?


  • Tremblade is the latest namesake of Julien Tremblay, one of the two level designers who worked on the zone. To further the reference, she is referred to as Julianne in the game's voice files.[1]
    • Her kill-credit status is "Ashran Alliance Julien Tremblade Kill Credit".
  • Until the expansion's late beta, Tremblade wielded a crackling mace, rather than a sword.
  • Tremblade is voiced by Jennifer Hale.


Patches and hotfixes


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