Grand Vizier Jarasum

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NeutralGrand Vizier Jarasum
Image of Grand Vizier Jarasum
Gender Male
Race Eredar (Humanoid)
Level 110
Health 49,332
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Augari
Location Conservatory of the Arcane, Mac'Aree

Grand Vizier Jarasum is an eredar located at the Conservatory of the Arcane in Mac'Aree. As one of Archimonde's greatest pupils, Jarasum held such power in his own disciplines that the Conservatory remembers him even centuries later. He must be defeated in order in order for Army of the Light to advance their quest to obtain the  [Sigil of Awakening].



  • He is the projection of current-day Lord Jaraxxus.
  • When engaged, the echo of Jarasum says "You face Jarasum, Grand Vizier of the Conservatory!" This is a reference to his present self's famous quote: "You face Jaraxxus, eredar lord of the Burning Legion!"
  • Jarasum is voiced by Jamieson Price.

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