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For the title, see Grandmaster (title).

See here for the profession-related World of Warcraft Grand Master.

A grandmaster is a person who has gone above and beyond in their duties in serving the various races inhabiting Azeroth.[citation needed] 


Becoming a grandmaster

For those wishing to become a grandmaster, it can seem a daunting task; however, with enough time and effort given to ones profession, hobby or skill, anyone can potentially gain the prestigious title of grandmaster. It is through this rigorous and often treacherous path that so very esteemed few manage to complete the tasks entailed with becoming a grandmaster.

A few notable methods of becoming a grandmaster include:

  • Displaying to numerous people of ones skill with one of the various professions.[1]
  • By proving to either the Alliance[2] or Horde[3] of their loyalty and service to their respective cause.
  • Providing well recognized assistance in affiliation with a group such as the Cenarion Circle.