Grandpa Grumplefloot (quest)

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NeutralGrandpa Grumplefloot
Start Card Trader Leila[55.4, 28.6] / Card Trader Ami[59.4, 74.2]
End Card Trader Leila[55.4, 28.6] / Card Trader Ami[59.4, 74.2]
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Brawler's Guild
Rewards  [Floot-Tooter's Tunic] and  [Giant Sack of Coins]
Previous N [100] A Knockoff Grumplefloot


Defeat Grandpa Grumplefloot by purchasing his challenge card and challenging him in the Brawler's Guild.


The challenge card I have for you today belongs to a grummle by the adorable name of Grandpa Grumplefloot. While the grummles aren't particularly well-known for their combat skills, they are remarkably lucky little creatures.

Perhaps it's their... what do they call them... their luckydos?


You will receive:
Inv shirt purple 01.png [Floot-Tooter's Tunic] Inv misc bag 10.png [Giant Sack of Coins]


To challenge Grandpa Grumplefloot, you'll have to purchase his challenge card.

Luckily, I happen to have one right here...


Great fighting out there! Even if he was just a little guy.

You've earned every bit of this.


See Grandpa Grumplefloot's article for abilities and tactics.


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