Gravewalker Gie

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HordeGravewalker Gie
Image of Gravewalker Gie
Gender Female
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 100
Character class Death Knight
Health 165,575
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Frostwall, Frostfire Ridge
Status Active

Gravewalker Gie is a pandaren death knight located in the Horde's commander garrison of Frostwall in Frostfire Ridge.

She can only be recruited using the Headhunter's Harvest from Frostwall Tavern.


  • Gie seems to be corresponding with Dave Kosak's tweet that theoretically, a wandering pandaren could have been caught by the Scourge and raised as a death knight.[1]
  • Appropriate for a pandaren death knight, she wields  [Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion], the maxed out item level weapon for Unholy death knight followers.

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