Great Gate

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The Great Gate
The battlefield in front of the gate

The Great Gate is a tauren fortification constructed at the entrance to their homeland of Mulgore, separating it from the Southern Barrens in response to the Alliance's destruction of the nearby Camp Taurajo.

The Northwatch forces have setup several siege weapons near the gate in order to destroy it.

Notes and trivia

  • On the Southern Barrens side a peon that lived in the small camp near the entrance was killed and his body lies within the burned down camp.
  • The  [Moonkin Stone], once used by druids to learn [Bear Form], is still near here.
  • There is a slight gap between the northern edge of the wall and the rocks through which players (hostile or otherwise) can pass.
  • In Cataclysm, it was initially planned for Baine Bloodhoof to appear at the Great Gate to defend it and attack human invaders from the Southern Barrens.[1]

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