Great Gnomeregan Run

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Great Gnomeregan Run
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October 12th Battle for Azeroth
October 17th WoW Icon update.png

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The subject of this article or section is part of the Great Gnomeregan Run, a micro-world event, lasting a very short time.

Are you a gnome? Do you know a gnome? Would you like to BE a gnome? (And who wouldn’t?) Then rise UP to the challenge of The Great Gnomeregan Run!

The Great Gnomeregan Run is a micro-holiday and a race run from New Tinkertown in Dun Morogh to Booty Bay in the Cape of Stranglethorn.

This is an Alliance-only event. If you are Horde don't worry, you can create a level 1 gnome and join in the fun too.


The entrance of the Deeprun Tram in Ironforge.
The Trade District in Stormwind.

Whether you are a level 1 gnome (highly encouraged), a level 71 human, or a level 110 draenei, you will be able to join in this fun run beginning in the gnome starting area, winding through Dun Morogh, Ironforge, the Deeprun Tram, Stormwind, Elwynn Forest, Duskwood, and Stranglethorn Vale where the run culminates in Booty Bay.

It is a big big BIG world out there, but don't worry about getting lost, there will be course markers and spectators along the way to help keep you on track. You will even see a few familiar faces among the onlookers!

Stranglethorn Vale is a dangerous place for low-level characters so you may want to find some muscle to join you along the way for a little extra protection. If you are a higher-level character, think about playing chaperone for a gnome.

Whether short or tall, it will be a good time for all.[1]

Getting started

Talk to Mina Gleespanner at New Tinkertown in Dun Morogh.

The run

From the start to the end hit the flags along the way until you get frothy. Once done, hit the finishing line at Booty Bay where Gelbin Mekkatorque waits to congratulate you.




The 9th edition of the "Running of the Gnomes".


The Great Gnomeregan Run is based on the annual fan-run charity event, the "Running of the Gnomes". The player Dravvie who manages the Running was reached out to by Blizzard Entertainment for permission to base the holiday off of her charity run.[2]

As of 2019, the Running of the Gnomes has been done ten times.


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