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Not to be confused with Great Sea.
HordeThe Great Seal
The Great Seal atop the pyramid



Atop Dazar'alor

PvP status


The proper Great Seal.

The Great Seal is the upper part of the pyramid of Dazar'alor,[1] King Rastakhan's palace in Zuldazar. It is the Horde's base of operations in Zandalar. The name refers to its relationship with Uldir, as it was one of three seals keeping G'huun contained until the proper seal was destroyed by Mythrax the Unraveler. Giant concentric wheels use to turn around the outside of the palace, which were connected to a titan disk within. Now the disk is cracked and the wheels have stopped.

As Zul, Yazma, and Vol'kaal betrayed and injured King Rastakhan, Zanchuli Betrayers assaulted the palace and filled the Great Seal area, but the Horde forces led by Baine Bloodhoof killed the betrayers and secured it.


Hall of Ancient Paths, the portal room.

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Notes and trivia

  • The Great Seal has gardens with pools rumored to be formed with Rezan's tears and blessed with health and longevity. Mothers would bring their infants to the pools.[2]
  • In the alpha, it was named Horde Embassy while the central room was named Royal Chambers.
  • The Great Seal as a "capital city" is not a zone or a proper subzone distinct from Dazar'alor, which is itself not a zone distinct from Zuldazar despite having its own map. The name "The Great Seal" comes from its portrayal on the Dazar'alor map, its flight path, and several dialogues from quests or NPCs like Forsaken Battleguards. The minimap calls this area the actual "Dazar'alor" zone.
    • At first, the Dazar'alor zone only existed within the main areas of the Horde embassy, deep within the pyramid, until it was made bigger to encompass most of the pyramid at some point.
    • That zone contains a central room that is the actual subzone called "The Great Seal".
  • In the Battle for Azeroth beta, there was an Unknown Device here that served as a portal to the Chamber of Heart. It dated back further than the Zandalari knew.[3][4] In the live version, it is still there, and commented on as being a strange device.[citation needed] 


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