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Green Havens

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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Druids from Azeroth come to Outland and in a few, rare places manage to re-grow healthy foliage in the sickened soil. These realms are lush and verdant, a window into Draenor's past when it was a thriving, green world. Travelers speak of unique creatures in these areas, magically evolved to adapt to the new environment.[1]

In canon

In The Frozen Throne, the night elves were growing bases in Hellfire Peninsula, and Cenarion Expedition members can be found in several different zones in The Burning Crusade. Indeed, some of the quests in Blade's Edge Mountains confirm that Cenarion Expedition had magically grown some of the patches of forest in Blade's Edge Mountains to replace some of the forests that once grew there, which were destroyed by the Burning Legion, or by other causes.


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