Green Witch Hut

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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The Green Witch Hut is a living hut made of vines rises from the ground. Large enough to admit several people, the hut seems organically formed. Dark purple blossoms sprout from the walls and a cool, moss-scented breeze wafts from the open doorway.


The living hut measures 10 feet in diameter and stands 9 feet tall.

The green witch is an apparently young troll female with pale green skin and matted brown hair that falls to the ground, dressed in a robe of living plant matter.


Darkspear trolls tell tales of the green witch, a legendary figure who lived a century ago. Despite the trolls’ misogynistic society, they revere the green witch as a powerful voodoo priestess. Legend tells of the green witch’s astonishing control over plants and trees, and her reclusive nature that led her to live as a hermit in a swamp. Witch doctors who desired powerful herbs or rare potion brewing techniques sought out the green witch to beg for her aid. The green witch, whimsical and mercurial, aided those she found worthy and destroyed those who annoyed her.

No one knows the fate of the green witch. Trolls speculate that her desire for solitude grew so great that the green witch sank into the swamp to live with the plants she understood so well. On rare occasion a troll might come across a living hut in the wilderness,a sacred location termed a green witch hut. By showing appropriate respect, a troll may summon the green witch and ask for her aid.[1]