Grelin's Report

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Grelin's Report is provided as an objective for the following quests:


A Report on the State of the Frostmane Trolls in the General Area of Coldridge Valley

Prepared by Grelin Whitebeard, Senate Special Envoy

From the time that I have spent observing the movement of the Frostmane trolls in the Coldridge Valley area, I have determined that they pose no large threat to dwarven settlements in the area. Moreover, they are a threat that can be eliminated with little additional support from the army. Through the assistance of Mountaineers already stationed in Coldridge Valley and mercenaries (paid with funds set aside by the Senate prior to my dispatchment), I am confident that the problem will be solved in short order.

This action has been authorized with the sanction given to me by King Bronzebeard.

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