Grell in a Handbasket

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NeutralGrell in a Handbasket
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Type World Quest
Category Val'sharah
Reputation +75 Dreamweavers
Rewards Varies
Previous N [100 - 110] Moist Around the Hedges, N [100 - 110] All Grell Broke Loose, N [100 - 110] Grassroots Effort, N [100 - 110] Grell to Pay



Koda Steelclaw says: The grell usually keep to themselves, but they've grown bold of late. They're attacking the Grizzleweald furbolg tribe! I fear they'll soon overrun the entire village.


You will receive:


Koda Steelclaw says: Peace must be maintained in this forest. The Grizzleweald have long been allies of the people of Val'sharah, and worthy of the help you provided.


  • Triggers at Grizzleweald in Val'sharah.
  • On foot, you'll probably have to fight through the grells to get to Enderkind, so don't worry about getting that count. Destroy the grizzleberries on the way, but there are also some near Old Grizzleback that are easy to get to.

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