Greymane Manor

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Greymane Manor, in the hills of Gilneas.
The telescope in the tower behind Greymane Manor.

Greymane Manor is a palatial estate high in the hills of western Gilneas, owned by Genn Greymane and his family. The manor is considered something of a safe bastion as Gilneas begins to crumble and collapse under the effects of the Cataclysm and the ongoing invasion of Gilneas. However, it is later abandoned as it is still vulnerable from a naval assault. It currently remains empty.


Stagecoach Carriage, down the hill
At the Manor

Notes and trivia

  • While entering this manor from the Ruins of Gilneas, players will enter Gilneas, rather than the ruins.
  • The building does not dismount players.
  • Since patch 5.0.4, the map in the Ruins of Gilneas version of the manor is bugged, showing a blank green screen; this bug remains unfixed as of patch 7.3.2. Phasing bugs are also prominent here, especially at the entrance; it is possible for players to phase in and out of each other's sight just by shifting a small distance.