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The Greymane Wall as it appears in the official trailer of Cataclysm.
Gilnean side.

The Greymane Wall was erected after the Second War, by Genn Greymane, as the nation of Gilneas isolated itself from the Alliance due to a dispute surrounding the internment camps for the orcs. It is a large wall with a portcullis, located at the southern edge of the Silverpine Forest (near Pyrewood Village) and the northern edge of Gilneas.

The Greymane Wall is the only evident site of Gilneas. This enormous gray wall marks the boundary between Gilneas and Lordaeron. No guards stand at its battlements or man its gates — the wall seems dead. Nevertheless, refugees from the north camp in the wall’s shadow, hoping for succor. These unfortunates never see a Gilnean and are easy prey for the worgen that occasionally stray this far south from Shadowfang Keep.[1]

Those on the other side in Gilneas have been spared from the Plague, though the worgen curse has taken affect instead. Many refugees that have escaped the Plague have made camp outside of the wall, but its gates have yet to open, presumably because the Gileans are also suffering a devastation.

The controversial Greymane Wall sowed civil discord in Gilneas, eventually leading to the Northgate rebellion, a devastating civil war that nearly destroyed the kingdom. Though Genn Greymane was able to put down the dissenters with the apprehension of the rebellion's leader, Darius Crowley, the kingdom began to experience other troubles.

In World of Warcraft

Haggard and sickly refugees from Lordaeron were stopped from going into Gilneas due to the wall. Dalin Forgewright had dedicated himself to the care of the refugees and Valdred Moray was trying to flee into Gilneas after murdering Deliah Andrean.

Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

The shattered Greymane Wall

In the new expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the Greymane Wall has received a major graphic update to accommodate the architecture of Gilneas. Summoned by order of King Genn Greymane, the worgen were used to battle Scourge forces encroaching on the kingdom of Gilneas. Yet the feral creatures soon spread their curse throughout the human population of Silverpine Forest, infecting Gilnean soldiers stationed beyond the Greymane Wall. Before long the affliction had advanced through the legendary barrier and was gradually eating away at Gilneas’ humanity. To compound the worgen threat, the Forsaken have started battering at the nation’s gates in a bid to conquer Gilneas. The gates of the Greymane Wall will eventually be shattered by the Shattering, finally revealing what has happened to the kingdom of Gilneas and its citizens, and allowing the Forsaken war machine to invade the once mighty kingdom. With the worgen curse taken hold, they have found a partial cure, allowing them to retain their human minds even when transformed, and allowing them to transform at will. Venturing forth from Gilneas and seeking help from the Alliance, they have decided to rejoin them, to combat the new threats of the Cataclysm.[2]



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