Gri'lek the Wanderer

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Gri'lek the Wanderer is an ancient tablet that tells the tale of Gri'lek, a hero of the trolls in ancient times. The tablet is currently located deep underwater off the coast of Stranglethorn Vale, in an area now known as the Vile Reef due to a murloc infestation. The troll city that once stood proudly there sunk long ago during an earthquake. Now the Darkspear tribe, trolls loyal to Thrall and the Horde, seek to recover the sacred tablet. Adventurous members of the Horde may wish to stop by Grom'gol Base Camp and talk to Kin'weelay to learn more (see H [37] The Vile Reef for the quest).

The Alliance has also expressed interest in this particular legend. Brother Nimetz of the Rebel Camp in Stranglethorn Vale is sending adventurers to investigate many troll legends in the area in hopes of finding answers regarding Colonel Kurzen's corruption, and this is one on his list (see A [38] Kurzen's Mystery for the quest).

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