Grime-Encrusted Object

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  • Grime-Encrusted Object
  • "Caked grime obscures the true identity of this object."
  • Sell Price: 38c

Grime-Encrusted Object drops from most humanoids in Gnomeregan. At first sight, these appear to be vendor trash. Essentially they are until you reach the Sparklematic 5200 (also located in Gnomeregan) which allows you to wash the items. If you do not wash them, you can sell them to a vendor for 38c each.

These can also be bought from Barkeep Hann in Duskwood, in limited supply, for 1s 37c.

Washing these items using the Sparklematic 5200 will award a  [Sparklematic-Wrapped Box].

As a quest objective

This item is an objective in the following quests:

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