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Grimfrost clan

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CombatGrimfrost clan
Guttra Wolfchew.jpg
Guttra Wolfchew
Main leader

OgreOgre Ogre

Base of operations
Theater of operations


The Grimfrost clan is a small clan of ogres led by Guttra Wolfchew that inhabit Grimfrost Hill in Frostfire Ridge. They have recently skirmished with outriders of the Frostwolf clan, led by Outrider Urukag.[1] They've a great hatred for the Frostwolf clan's Frost Wolves, as they can be found captured, dead, and partially eaten all over Grimfrost Hill.[2] The Grimfrost, or at least a small faction of them led by the Grimfrost Wormpriest, also seem to worship the giant lava worm Borrok the Devourer, and will feed him sacrifices when he emerges. The ogres regularly rob Frostwolf orcs and offer them as sacrifices to Borrok.[3]