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Image of Grimnal
Title <Mail & Plate Merchant>
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 55
Affiliation(s) Orgrimmar
Location Swamp of Sorrows
Status Alive

Grimnal is a level 55 mail and plate armor vendor located in Stonard in the contested territory of Swamp of Sorrows.


Inv belt 03.png [Brigandine Belt]
2g 51s 80c
Inv boots 01.png [Brigandine Boots]
3g 77s 56c
Inv bracer 03.png [Brigandine Bracers]
2g 36s 38c
Inv gauntlets 04.png [Brigandine Gloves]
2g 37s 27c
Inv helmet 03.png [Brigandine Helm]
3g 49s 17c
Inv pants 03.png [Brigandine Leggings]
5g 2s 57c
Inv chest plate13.png [Brigandine Vest]
4g 98s 98c
Inv shield 06.png [Crested Heater Shield]
4g 36s 30c
Inv shield 10.png [Ornate Buckler]
3g 76s 47c
Inv chest plate04.png [Platemail Armor]
4g 77s 60c
Inv belt 15.png [Brigandine Belt]
2g 34s 70c
Inv boots plate 08.png [Platemail Boots]
3g 50s 75c
Inv bracer 14.png [Brigandine Bracers]
2g 36s 53c
Inv gauntlets 29.png [Brigandine Gloves]
2g 37s 42c
Inv helmet 03.png [Brigandine Helm]
3g 54s 80c
Inv pants 04.png [Brigandine Leggings]
4g 75s 77c

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