Grimoire Of Convert Demon

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  • Grimoire Of Convert Demon
  • Unique (5)
  • Use: Your [Enslave Demon] spell turns into Convert Demon.

    Convert Demon
    Turns the target non-Player's soul to that of a demon, and then forcing it to do your bidding. Lasts up to 5 min.

    Can only be cast on targets at or below level 100 in Ashran.
  • Classes: Warlock
  • Requires Level 100
  • Sell Price: 1c

Grimoire Of Convert Demon is the warlock class tome found in Ashran.


This item has a chance to drop from any of the rare elite mobs found in the secondary areas of Ashran.


The previous version of this tome was Grimoire of Summoning Secrets - "Your Summon Infernal and Summon Doomguard's cooldown is reduced by 8 minutes."[1]

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