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Image of Grimwing
Title <Flight Master>
Gender Unknown
Race Ghoul (Undead)
Level 60 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Knights of the Ebon Blade
Former affiliation(s) The Scourge
Location Acherus: The Ebon Hold
Status Active

Grimwing is the flight master located at Acherus: The Ebon Hold when it is in Eastern Plaguelands, and later above The Broken Shore.

Flight paths

At Eastern Plaguelands
At The Broken Shore



Where would you like to fly to?

Taxi Show me where I can fly.


During WotLK beta, Grimwing used an Undead Female (Forsaken) model instead of the current model (s)he currently uses.[citation needed]  It is possible that Grimwing is actually a female ghoul, or that the model's placeholder status no longer counts towards gender.

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