Grimwing the Devourer (quest)

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For demon hunter version, see N Demon hunter [110] Grimwing the Devourer.
NeutralGrimwing the Devourer
Start Lyana Darksorrow
End Lyana Darksorrow
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Suramar
Experience 20,560
Rewards  [Petrified Fel-Heart]
38g 80s
Previous N [110] Glaive Circumstances & N [110] Fresh Meat
Next N [110] A Fate Worse Than Dying & N [110] Symbols of Power


Slay Grimwing the Devourer.


You have my thanks for rescuing me from captivity, <class>.

However, Azoran is no mere demon. He is a powerful eredar who commands great rank within the Burning Legion.

If you wish to continue with me, I need proof of your strength.

Grimwing the Devourer is the strongest of the felbats and a suitable test of skill. Place the basilisk flesh upon the altar to the north and slay Grimwing when she appears.

Return to me with her head and I will not doubt your ability.


Now armed, Lyana stands.
Lyana Darksorrow says: My glaives have gone too long without tasting demon blood...
Lyana Darksorrow says: If you wish to find me when Grimwing is slain... follow the trail of demon corpses.
She Double Jumps out of the building and runs off.


You will receive: 38g 80s
Inv misc organ 02.png [Petrified Fel-Heart]


Inside the building, Lyana has the Servant of Azoran, a wyrmtongue, at her mercy. She threatens it with an almost casual tone. Behind it is an Image of Azoran.
Lyana Darksorrow says: Speak now, demon. Lead me to your master and I may let you live.

What news do you bring of Grimwing the Devourer?


Grimwing was a formidable demon... I must say I am impressed with your skill, <name>.

There are many more demons here to kill. It is good to have someone capable at my side.



  1. N [110] Lyana Darksorrow / N Demon hunter [110] Lyana Darksorrow
  2. N [110] Glaive Circumstances & N [110] Fresh Meat
  3. N [110] Grimwing the Devourer / N Demon hunter [110] Grimwing the Devourer
  4. N [110] A Fate Worse Than Dying & N [110] Symbols of Power
  5. N [110] Shard of Vorgos & N [110] Shard of Kozak
  6. N [110] Azoran Must Die

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