Grinning Tolg's Journal

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  • Grinning Tolg's Journal
  • Binds when picked up
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "These writings detail the search for the Laughing Skull legend, Skulltaker."


This item is dropped by Mob Twisted Guardian or Mob Twisted Guardian in Gorgrond during N [100 Daily] Treasure Contract: The Infected Orc.


The Skulltaker lives!

I cannot mistake the twisted horns of his cursed mask, nor the demon-eyes that peer from within. He had thought himself escaped from the fury of the Laughing Skull, but none take the lives of our clan without retribution.

Not even one of our own.

Long has the Skulltaker hunted his fellow orcs without reprisal. I saw the day he donned the bloodthirsty skull that consumed his savage heart. None know where he found the cursed thing, only that it had claimed the warrior's soul. He now lives only to take the skulls of the living - a silent specter of death.

Now the Skulltaker hunts in Everbloom, and I have caught his scent. No longer will he be the hunter. Soon it will be his skull that is taken.

The foe remains elusive. When I think I have his path, his tracks vanish. It's as if he had sprouted wings and taken to the sky.

He looks to be retreating among the ravagers and wasps of Everbloom. I must find where he is going.

I've lost him! I had tracked his position and was ready to strike when a great ravager, twice the size of any I had ever seen, swooped down and carried him away! I had thought him taken for prey, beast showed no intent to harm him.

This must be how the Skulltaker has remained hidden from the blades of the Laughing Skull. I will not let him escape my wrath. I will find a way to scour the skies!

An elixir is the key. The Crowfeeder knows a recipe used by shaman to speak to the wilds. Using it, I will pry the answers from the ravagers that have aided my enemy.

I must cut the reagents from the hands of the wreteched botani - a task that I will carry out gladly.

I have set up camp in a nearby cave. At dawns light, I will strike into the heart of the botani and claim the key to the Skulltaker.

First, the thistle of shade with leaves black as night. It rests in the shadows of the harsh Gorgrond sun. I saw some under standing stones near the black iron walls. There are many of the plant-men there, but I will cut through them like a scythe through grain.

The sons of the genesaur will not keep me from my quarry.

I have acquired the shadethistle, though not without incident. The thorns of the botani are sharp, and my flesh is ailing. This will not keep me from my prize.

I must find a vine of bonethorn, which grows in the bones of the ancient dead. I remember seeing the bones of a long-dead beast in the dry beds of the northern wilds. Its sun-parched skull would make a pleasant home for such a plant.

Steamcap mushrooms are all that are needed to complete the elixir. The Crowfeeder said that they grow among the steam vents in the higher parts of the Everbloom. I have seen one such place near the northern hydra pools.

I must make haste. The wounds of the botani fester and the flesh twists against bone. I must find the Skulltaker before I am no longer my own orc.

It is too late. Even now my body rebels against me as the infection of the botani takes hold. If my brothers come upon these writings, I would charge them to take their blades against the Skulltaker.

But first, burn my body and take my skull.

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