Grizzlemaw (wolf)

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For the Grizzly Hills area, see Grizzlemaw.
Image of Grizzlemaw
Race Wolf (Beast)
Level 35-40 Rare
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Nagrand[89, 72]
Status Killable
Pet family Wolf

Grizzlemaw is a wolf located in Nagrand. The wolf can be found guarding a Pile of bones.


  • Feeding Time! - Grizzlemaw slaughters a nearby Talbuk in an attempt to recover lost health.
  • Leap for the Kill - Leaps forward, inflicting Physical damage and stunning enemies for 1 sec. This damage is increased if the target is afflicted with Femoral Tear.
  • Rip Flesh - Inflicts Physical damage and reduces an enemy's movement speed for 5 sec.


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