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Grom'kar Bulwark

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MobGrom'kar Bulwark
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Gender Both
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 100
Health 97,854 / 293,562
Wealth 74s 30c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Grom'kar
Location Path of Glory, Talador; Tanaan Jungle
Status Killable

Grom'kar Bulwarks are orcs located in Talador and Tanaan Jungle.


  • Bulwark - Reflects the next spell for 6 sec.
  • Intimidate - Inflicts Physical damage, reducing the damage done by the target's next ability by 75%.
Tanaan Jungle
  • Battle Hardened - Increases damage done.
  • Chain Pull - Inflicts 972 to 1028 Physical damage and pulls the target to the caster.
  • Shredding Whirl - Inflicts 150% weapon damage and additional Physical damage every 2 sec for 6 sec to enemies within 5 yards.
  • Slam - Slams the opponent, causing weapon damage plus an additional amount.

Objective of


  • For the glory of the Iron Horde!
  • Hurry up and die!
  • I will be your end!
  • I will crush the life from your bones!
  • Our might will crush you!
  • You dare challenge our might?!

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