Grunt (Warcraft II)

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For lore about grunts, see Grunt.

Grunt.gif     OrcGrunt.gif

Race Orc
Faction Horde
Hit Points 60
Armor 2
Sight 4
Speed 10
Gold 600 Gold
Food 1 Food
Produced at Barracks
Build time 60 seconds
Basic Damage 6
Piercing Damage 3
Range 1
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Those Orcs who distinguish themselves enough in the arts of war to be trained as Grunts epitomize the merciless spirit of the Horde. Equipped with mighty axes and battle-worn armor, they are prepared to fight to the death. Devoted to the Horde and to their clans, the Grunt lusts for battle - wanting nothing more than to wade into the field of carnage and die a bloody death surrounded by the bodies of his fallen enemies.[1]


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