Gu Cloudstrike

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BossGu Cloudstrike
Image of Gu Cloudstrike
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 89 - 92 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Shado-pan Monastery
Status Killable

Gu Cloudstrike is the first boss in the Shado-Pan Monastery dungeon.


Adventure Guide

Before the escape of the sha, Gu Cloudstrike was entrusted with training the elite Shado-pan spellcasters. Now this formerly gentle and reserved pandaren revels in unleashing his astounding powers, with devastating consequences. He has asserted control over the mystical Azure Serpent, and his students are helpless in the wake of Cloudstrike's lethal attacks.

Spells and Abilities

Stage One: Let Me Show You My Power!

Gu Cloudstrike calls for the Azure Serpent to help him defeat the intruders.

  • Spell nature lightningoverload.png  Invoke Lightning — Gu Cloudstrike inflicts 85500 to 94500 Nature damage to a random player, inflicting an additional 118750 to 131250 Nature damage to all players within 5 yards of the target.
  • Spell lightning lightningbolt01.png  Static Field — The Azure Serpent creates a Static Field at the location of a random player, inflicting 285000 to 315000 Nature damage to all players within 10 yards of the point of impact. The Static Field then persists for 15 sec, inflicting an additional 166250 to 183750 Nature damage every 1 sec.

Stage Two: Charge Me With Your Power!

Gu Cloudstrike enters a meditative state, becoming immune to all damage. The Azure Serpent moves in to attack.

  • Spell shaman staticshock.png  Charging Soul — The Azure Serpent shields Gu Cloudstrike, making him immune to all damage.
  • Inv battery 01.png  Magnetic Shroud — The Azure Serpent casts a Magnetic Shroud onto every player. The Shroud absorbs 150000 healing cast on each player and inflicts 12500 Nature damage every 1 sec. The Shroud overloads when healing on a player exceeds its capacity, removing the Magnetic Shroud. The overload then heals all other players within 20 yards for 75000 healing divided by the number of players within range.
  • Spell fire blueflamebreath.png  Lightning Breath — The Azure Serpent unleashes Lightning Breath within a 45 degree cone in front of him, inflicting 85500 to 94500 Nature damage every 0.5 sec. for 2 sec.

Stage Three: Do Not Fail Me!

After the players defeat the Azure Serpent, Gu Cloudstrike rejoins the fight.

  • Ability vehicle electrocharge.png  Overcharged Soul — Periodically inflicts Nature damage to nearby enemies, frequency proportional to missing health.


Phase 1: Mostly a standard tank and spank fight. Spread out and move out of Static Fields on the ground. If he casts one in melee range, kite him away.

Phase 2: Gu is immune to damage and the Azure Serpent becomes attackable, stationary and hovering just outside the platform. Watch out for its cone breath. Additionally, everyone, including ranged attackers, should stand close together for easier healing: when the Magnetic Shroud dissipates, it creates an AoE healing effect for nearby players.

Phase 3: Again a tank and spank fight. Keep the players fully healed, as they receive more damage at low health.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Azure Serpent Chestguard]  [Azure Serpent Chestguard] Agility mail chest
 [Sparkbreath Girdle]  [Sparkbreath Girdle] Tank plate belt
 [Leggings of the Charging Soul]  [Leggings of the Charging Soul] Caster mail leggings
 [Cloudstrike Pendant] DPS strength necklace
 [Star Summoner Bracers] Spirit leather belt


Weaklings...let me make room for our guests.
Approach...your death awaits.
Let me show you my power.
Summoning Azure Serpent
Come to me, serpent! Together we will destroy these intruders.
Charging Soul
Serpent, charge me with your power!
Magnetic Shroud
  • Their energy is strong!
  • No, no! Do not fail me!
Phase 3
Power! Glorious power!
Killing a player
  • Weakling!
  • Lightning has no mercy!
  • None may defy the Shado-pan!
Even together... we failed...


Patches and hotfixes

  • Hotfix (2014-10-14): "Gu Cloudstrike's Magnetic Shroud healing absorption has been reduced to a more reasonable amount in a post stat squish environment."
  • Hotfix (2013-10-03): "Defeating Gu Cloudstrike immediately after Azure Serpent has been killed should no longer prevent players from continuing through the Shado-Pan Monastery."
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.

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