Guardian Tak'u

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MobGuardian Tak'u
Image of Guardian Tak'u
Race Zandalari golem (Elemental)
Level 90 Elite
Health 2,363,000
Location Conqueror's Terrace, Isle of Thunder [60.3, 54.2]
Status Active

Channeled by a Priest of the Serpent, Priest of the Hydra, Priest of the Direhorn, and a Priest of the Hawk.


  • Lightning Strike 40 yd range — Inflicts 0 Nature damage to enemies every second. 2.51 sec cast. Hits for 50,000 Nature.
  • Blessing of the Serpent — Fire will burn the flesh from the guardian's foes.
    • Fire of the Serpent 40 yd range — Channels the Serpent Loa to deal 250,000 Fire damage to a random enemy. 5.01 sec cast. Interruptible. Telegraphed:
    Guardian Tak'u is casting Fire of the Serpent! Interrupt now!
  • Blessing of the Hydra — The tides will rise up to restore the guardian.
    • Waves of the Hydra — Tak'u calls on the power of the Hydra Loa to heal himself every 3 sec. for 12 sec. 1.67 sec cast. Uninterruptible. Magic buff. Heals for ~472,000 Nature a tick. Telegraphed:
    Guardian Tak'u has gained Waves of the Hydra! Dispel now!
  • Blessing of the Direhorn — The earth will tremble and break at the guardian's feet.
    • Wrath of the Direhorn 40 yd range — Tak'u calls upon the Direhorn Loa which causes the earth to tremble and break. 2.51 sec cast.
  • Blessing of the Hawk — The winds bend and twist to the guardian's will.
    • Gusts of the Hawk — Tak'u channels the Hawk Loa to summon gusts of wind to his side. Summons a few tornados that move back and forth across the arena with one ability, triggered every 0.5 sec...
      • Gusts of the Hawk — Deals Nature damage to all nearby enemies, knocking them back. Instant. Hits for 15,000 Nature.


Tak'u starts the encounter immune to damage and at 0 energy, but will activate after roughly 30 seconds after the first priest is aggroed when he reaches 100 energy. The four priests are channeling auras on the golem, which grant Tak'u an ability. If a priest is dead when Tak'u activates, it will not have that ability for the rest of the encounter. Each priest has 630,000 health, and priests are either alive or dead as far as Tak'u is concerned, so it's all or nothing. This translates to some multiple of 21,000 DPS necessary to knock out priests in the first 30 seconds.

Blow cooldowns at the beginning of the encounter to kill as many priests as possible to make the fight against Tak'u itself easier. Tak'u has Lightning Strike no matter what, so simply get out of the targeting circle when the golem casts it. Fire of the Serpent must be interrupted, as it does 250,000 Fire damage that can't be avoided. Waves of the Hyrdra is a magic buff that heals the golem for 472K a tick, but can be dispelled and spellstolen. Wrath of the Direhorn is a large (roughly 20-yard) point blank area of effect that must be run out of. Gusts of the Hawk spawns a handful of tornadoes that criss-cross the arena in straight lines and do some minor Nature damage.

Once Tak'u activates, the fight is merely getting out of the areas of effect and interrupting/dispelling as appropriate. Classes without dispells or interrupts should thus focus on the respective priests and kill them before the fight starts.

Note that to gain credit for the achievement [Our Powers Combined], kill either zero or all four priests before Tak'u activates. Then, kill Tak'u the other way.




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