Guardian of the Peak

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NeutralGuardian of the Peak
Image of Guardian of the Peak
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 214,000
Location Kota Basecamp, One Keg and Grummle Bazaar, Kun-Lai Summit
Status Alive

Guardians of the Peak are pandaren guards hired by the grummles to guard their most important settlements, such as the Grummle Bazaar. They are apparently natives to the Kun-Lai Summit. They are paid to supplant the Shado-Pan, usual protectors of the grummles, now busy with fighting the mantid and the sha corrupting them.


  • Guarding grummles is not what I would call my dream role in life, but they pay well. Plus you see many strange things on the mountain roads.
  • Grummles usually have Shado-Pan guarding them. I guess there must be danger on the Serpent's Spine.
  • I once saw a strange creature in the Grummle Bazaar. It looked like a haunched over Jinyu but was mean and said something like "Mrggmrmrgmgmgl". I guess one of the grummles brought it up from the coastline.
  • There have been no Shado-Pan down this way recently. That cannot be good. We were supposed to still have a few years before the next mantid swarm.
  • The mountain hozen are on the ravage. Be careful when you travel the roads. Probably only a matter of time before they figure out the Shado-Pan are not here and decide to march down on us.
  • What brings you up the mountain?
  • You from the low lands? We tend to not see low landers up this way very often.
  • Have you heard the sha? We keep hearing its voice on the wind. Not good. Not good at all.

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