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Image of Guh
Title <Bladespire Trader>
Race Ogre (Humanoid)
Level 91
Health 61,425
Mana 2,521,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Burning Glacier, Frostfire Ridge [37.4, 60.2]
Status Alive

Guh an ogre that can be found at the Burning Glacier within Frostfire Ridge. Unlike the other ogres in the region, Guh is not hostile but the other to talk to him without incident is to kill the nearby ogres. After talking to them Guh will express dismay at their deaths and wonder who he could trade with now. If you offer to trade with him, Guh will won't believe that is a good idea but offering him to visit your garrison will enable Guh to become a resident of your garrison at the cost of 10 copper.


You kill Guh friends, now who Guh trade with?

  • Gossip You should trade with me, then.
Guh no think that a good idea.
  • Gossip Perhaps you could be persuaded to visit my garrison and do some trading?
Are you sure you want to give Guh some coins? 10c
Strange face-coin, very shiny. Maybe me come visit sometime.
  • Gossip My fist!
You not very nice.
Visits triggered

Guh like you. Me come visit sometime.


You want my things?

Gossip I would like to buy from you.


  • At the garrison, Guh sells the  [Mesmerizing Fruit Hat]. Use the hat to form a conga line of grunts and peons!
  • Unlike the other residents of your garrison Guh will not hide during invasions.

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