Guide to creating a military guild

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Military guilds, while RP, are oriented towards PvP, specifically attack or defending. These guilds usually hold an allegiance to their races or their faction. Some, however, have been seen rebelling against their own factions and forming rogue groups.


There are many of these guilds and a lot of names you choose may be already taken. Do not use names such as the "Stormwind Guard" or "Thrall's Guard". The odds are these names have been taken and they are not that imaginative or unique anyways. Names like "Tirisfal Bastion" or "Northshire Knights" might not be taken. You may find ideas turning to the Warcraft series or books for inspiration. For example, Tolkien's books are not a good sources for names, as the universes are simply too different. If your guild is race-specific, consider a name that reflects attributes of that race: for instance, most goblins think of military as essentially a business enterprise, suggesting a guild name ending in "Cartel" or "Inc.", but an ending like "Mercenaries" or "Sappers", reflecting common racial roles within existing militaries, may work equally well.


Your tabard should be militaristic. The eye or the scroll symbol are not good ideas, as they reflect more on lore-type guilds than you. Crossed swords, battle axes, or other weaponry-related symbols might work but they are not the most original out there and may be in use. This could cause a clash with other RP guilds if you inadvertently copy their tabard. Make your tabard unique and at the same time make it look good. Again, race-specific guilds can consider incorporating attributes of their race into their symbology: goblin or gnome guilds, for instance, could consider a technology- or business-related symbol.


Always use original names in roleplaying guilds. Your race's military could help here. Humans might have ranks like "knight" or "cleric" while blood elves might have ranks like "Ranger-General" or "Farstrider". Likewise, gnomish ranks are based around technology, whereas goblin ranks are more likely to reflect corporate titles. Examples by race (neither exhaustive nor authoritative):

Ranks Human Night Elf Dwarf Gnome Draenei Orc Troll Tauren Forsaken Blood Elf Goblin
Guild Master High Lord Ranger Lord King High Tinker Exarch Chieftain Witch Doctor Chieftain Commander Ranger General Trade Prince
Officer Knight Sentinel Lord Tinker Vindicator Sergeant Shaman Elder Apothecary Farstrider Vice Trade Prince
Sergeant Pikeman Captain Mortar Officer Operator Peacekeeper Guard Axe Thrower Breaker Officer Ranger Manager
Member Footman Ranger Gunner Mechanic Scout Grunt Skullspliter Destroyer Raider Guard Soldier
Initiate Squire Apprentice Apprentice Tester Squire Peon Warrior Apprentice Minion Soldier Sapper