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Guide to creating a military guild

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Military guilds, while RP, are oriented strongly toward PvP, specifically in character attacking or defending. These guilds usually hold an allegiance to their races, nation, or allied faction. Some may be rebelling against their own factions and forming splinter groups.


There are many of these guilds and a lot of names you choose may be already taken. Names like <Stormwind Guard>, <Sentinels>, <Silver Hand>, or <Kor'kron Elite> are frequently taken, so check the server you intend to form on before settling on the theme. Be prepared to think up variations, such as <Sentinel Vanguard> or <Kor'kron Reserves>. You may find inspiration in the expanded Warcraft universe, such as the comics or novels. If your guild is race-centered, consider a name that reflects attributes of that race or its culture: for goblins, military is essentially a business enterprise, suggesting a guild name ending in "Cartel" or "Inc.", but an element like "Mercenaries" or "Sappers" may work equally well. Knowing the history and heroes of your characters can help with the name and who they may be emulating.


Your tabard should reflect your guild's purpose. The eye or the scroll symbol may not be first choices, depending on what aspects you want to focus on. There are plenty of weapon icons, but if you can manage to find a symbol that represents some cultural, religious, or historical significance, do it! Colors can also help drive the point home, with cool colors usually seeming calming and warm colors seeming active and passionate. There's a reason the Horde is red and the Alliance is blue.


Custom ranks are a great way to add flavor to roleplaying guilds. Knowing canon military positions and organizations are a good place to start - look under a related race or nation for a list of Organizations. Modern Stormwindian Humans already have ranks like Knight or Cleric, while blood elves might have more in the vein of their archers, like Ranger-General or Farstrider. Gnomish ranks might based around technology, whereas goblin ranks are more likely to reflect corporate titles. Some examples by race (list is neither exhaustive nor authoritative):

Default Human Night Elf Dwarf Gnome Draenei Orc Troll Tauren Forsaken Blood Elf Goblin
Guild Master High Lord Captain Mountain King High Tinker High Exarch Chief Chief Chieftain Commander Ranger-General Trade Prince
Officer Knight Huntress Thane Tinker Vindicator Sergeant Spiritbinder Elder Dark Ranger Farstrider President
Sergeant Pikeman Sentinel Shield-thane Roboticist Peacekeeper Guard Berserker Warbrave Deathguard Ranger Manager
Member Footman Archer Rifleman Mechanic Artificer Grunt Axe Thrower Brave Deathstalker Spellbreaker Soldier
Initiate Squire Scout Warrior Citizen Scout Peon Villager Calf Minion Socialite Sapper