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Guide to roleplaying non-playable races

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Now your probably wondering "Oh mighty lord of awesomeness how can you roleplay as a non-playable race?". Well, if you have any way of appearing like them that would do. First of all if your playing as something like a naaru or a titan (I dont think you even can) then my suggestion would be: don't abuse your race's power, or it would be classified as playing god mode, meaning you would be making yourself do whatever you want. This would be the worst thing you could possibly do while roleplaying.


You can roleplay as an Arakkoa using the [Time-Lost Figurine]. Easiest is to pretend you are a member of the Skettis Exiles, as all other arakkoa factions are hostile against the Horde and Alliance.


The arakkoa have great magical power over the arcane, and are also as "smart as any gnome you ever met", according to Gremni Longbeard in the Hellfire Peninsula. Most arakkoa worship the god Rukhmar, and relatedly Terokk. Some turned away from Rukhmar, but seem to still hold Terokk in high regard. The Sethekk worship the Summoned Old God, and Talon King Ikiss (who thinks himself Terokk returned) in the stead of Rukhmar. Some cultists worship Anzu, the raven god. However, the small tribe of Skettis exiles worship the Light. Some arakkoa of the Sethekk cult also mentions a being known as "Darkfire".[1]


The arakkoa speak a language called Ravenspeech. It is specifically mentioned to be used by the Grishna tribe.[2] Not all arakkoa speech is confirmed to be this. Unless you have some sort of add-on, the best way to talk would be bird like noises. Examples of this would be "Skwak", "Ra-aak", "Awk" or "Raa-kaa". Arakkoa do however speak Common and Orcish.


Arakkoa can presumably be mages and warlocks, because it is said they "have great magical power over the arcane", and the Skettis Exiles can probably be priests as well, considering they worship the Light. Perhaps there are also arakkoa druids and/or shamans.


The easiest place to roleplay as an arakkoa would be in the Lower City, in Shattrath City. If you are playing a hostile arakkoa you can best roleplay in an arakkoa village in Terokkar Forest. This may, however, cause problems because the mobs might attack you when they get near you. If you are roleplaying anywhere other than Outland, you must have a reason to be there.


Arakkoan names often have two R's, K's or maybe even T's. The arakkoa category should give you an impression on arrakoan names.


Mogu are an interesting race for roleplaying if doing right. Firstly, you’ll probably have to choose Draenei as playable race, because Mogu in-game mode shares its skeleton and animations with Draenei. However, you can play an Orc as Mogu, though you’ll need a little bit more of imagination.

I advise you to reach level 90 as fast as possible so you can roleplay in Pandaria and get a suitable gear such as the [Plate of the Last Mogu] and lookalikes.

Personality and relationships

Pride is the Mogu racial feature par excellence. You were created by the Titans themselves and your destiny is to rule over the “lesser races” – everyone who is not Mogu.

Mogu are terribly cunning. They’re a scholar race who knows much of Titan philosophy, but they’re misguided – they mistake order with dictatorship, and their culture rely on brutal strength. Slavery is not rare to them – on the contrary, you should want to have as many slaves as you can.

You despise every single race that is not Mogu. You might respect Garrosh-like Orcs, and you certainly value those races that serve you as tools, like the Zandalari Troll, but you hold no true love towards them, and your only way of relating to others is through violence. Pandaren is the race you hate the most. They overthrew the Mogu from power 12,000 years ago and you still hold a grudge against them. Pandaren will hold it back to you for sure, as they still remember the time they were mere slaves. Thus, you likely would rather kill them on sight instead of enslaving them, as you wouldn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

You may think that Mogu is the only race you can count on, but you shouldn’t be such naïve. The members of your kind rise to power through the “Mogu way” – overpowering and executing rivals and political enemies. Because of this, you have learnt to distrust other Mogu, especially if you hold a position of power, if you don’t want to be backstabbed really soon.

So remember – you’re cunning, brutal, cruel and racist.


Mogu presumably speak Mogu, but we have no clue about this language as it has never been mentioned before. Maybe they speak Titan, and probably Pandaren, and almost every sentient race speaks Common too.


Mogu are masters of magic. Unlike “lesser races”, the ability of conjuring the arcane is innate to them. Because of that, perhaps playing a mage might be our first option. However, I don’t advise it. I would rather play a warrior because of aesthetically reasons – only plate-wielders can wear the [Plate of the Last Mogu], which is a must for every Mogu roleplayer. Besides, Mogu are brutal warlords too, and being a warrior would fit in.

Nevertheless, you can still play a mage, though it’ll require more imagination from your fellow roleplayers if you want your Draenei / Orc to be seen as a powerful Mogu.


Mogu group in clans. There exist at least eight different clans:

  • Dojani
  • Gormali
  • Gurthan
  • Harthak
  • Korgesh
  • Korune
  • Shan’ze
  • Shao-Tien

You may have joined any of these existing clans or you can create your own following different criteria – the Korune, for example, are a group of Mogu dedicated to the flesh-crafting and spiritbinding abilities. They’re the best sorcerers among the Mogu and they were employed by the Thunder King Lei Shen himself.


As you might understand, a Mogu patrolling the streets of Stormwind doesn’t really make much sense. Sure you may have travelled to foreign lands (Uldum, Vashj’ir, Mount Hyjal…) in search of arcane artifacts to empower your arsenal, but you should likely roleplay in Pandaria, where Mogu belong. There you’re trying to restore your lost empire. Vale of Eternal Blossoms and the Mogu'shan Palace seem the best perfect for roleplaying, but any other region of Pandaria (like Jade Forest, Dread Wastes or Kun-Lai Summit) will do.


Mogu bear Chinese names, usually with some sort of sinister translation. Some invented names are: Leng Xue, Yao Feng, Hei Shou, Lao Wang, Xie Junfa, Le Jing,…


Roleplaying a dragon is probably the hardest to do. You dont have to have some way of looking like one as you could always be in your mortal form. Most dragons look like humans, gnomes, elves or even rarely trolls, it is very unlikely that a goblin or Forsaken would actually be a dragon. You also wouldn't do quests for Horde or Alliance as dragons don't care for mortal affairs unless it is a mortal that has shown particular good or power. It is also most likely for you to be a magic class while playing as a dragon.

Types of dragons

  • Black dragons: These dragons are immensely powerful and cruel and revel in mortal suffering. The black dragons are the enemies of every other dragonflight, especially the great red dragons of Lordaeron.[3] Warlock is a good class for roleplaying a black dragon.
  • Blue dragons: Though there are few great blue dragons left in the world, their magical powers are awesome to behold. Native to Northrend, the few blues stay relatively close to the great Dragonblight, where they commune with the ancient dragon spirits who died in ages past. Their freezing breath and gargantuan claws have been the death of many hapless travelers in Northrend.[4] Mage is the best class for roleplaying a blue dragon.
  • Bronze dragons: Bronze dragons police the timeways, protecting them from interlopers, and restoring them to their proper state. When not traveling through the passageways of the fabled Caverns of Time, they can most often be found in deserts and other dry arid lands such as the Tanaris Desert and The Barrens of Central Kalimdor. The mage ability [Time Warp] might help in roleplaying a bronze dragon.
  • Green dragons: The green dragons live only to serve the forces of nature and uphold the balance between mortal creatures and the ever-evolving world. Though most green dragons live within the mystical dimension known as the Emerald Dream, a few of the graceful creatures still roam the shadowy paths of Ashenvale forest.[5] Druid is the perfect class to roleplay a green dragon.
  • Red dragons: The red dragons are a noble and honorable group of creatures. They consider themselves the protectors of all life, and in many ways they are. More often than not, they are found protecting sacred areas and items, seeking to keep them from lesser beings who might be hurt by their energies. Their breath is a fearsome stream of fire, and they have been known to swallow enemies whole and slowly digest them over the course of a day. A priest is probably the best class to roleplay a red dragon


Every dragonflight has it's own traditions when it comes to names. Members of the red dragonflight most often have names ending in "strasz" for males, or "strasza" for females. Members of the blue dragonflight most often have names ending in "gos" for males, or "gosa" for females. Sometimes synonyms of the word "blue", or terms relating to spellcasting find their way into their names as well. Members of the green dragonflight occasionally have names ending in "us" for males, or "ra" for females. Sometimes terms relating to sleep and dreams find their way into their names as well. Members of the bronze dragonflight occasionally have names ending in "dormu" for males, or "dormi" for females, though exceptions exist. Sometimes terms relating to time find their way into their names as well. Members of the black dragonflight occasionally have names ending in "ion" for males, or "ia" for females. Sometimes synonyms of the word "black", or terms relating to fire and undesirable character traits their way into their names as well.


Playing as a furbolg would be quite a good one to play as it is quite unique but you can only play for 3 minutes using [Stave of Fur and Claw].


It is known that they are very defensive and lack alot of emotions. Nobody is quite sure what exactly their personality is but they try to kill everything if they're corrupted.


You may have heard there are alot of furbolg tribes, but the problem is that the members of each clan have diffrent fur so its more likely that:


The classes that furbolg use should be limited since furbolg only use some eg.:

  • Druid
  • Shaman
  • Hunter
  • Warrior


The names are similar to clan names in the way that they seem more like tauren and orc sur names.

  • Darkmaw
  • Ripjaw
  • Softstep


The fulborg languge is made more up of symbols though its unlikely you would use it.


You would definetly be likely to RP in Timbermaw Hold but there is a chance you could RP in Darnassus, or maybe even Stormwind but probably not in Orgrimmar.


You can only use a murloc apperance for more than 5 seconds if you use the 2007 murloc costume but it dosent look realistic but try and respect it.


While playing a murloc you should probably be a goblin or a gnome depending on what size they are and what faction


Murlocs are likely to be rogues, hunters or shamans. Murlocs definetly can't be death knights as they are immune to undeath.


Most murlocs get there personality from where they were raised If they were raised by other murlocs (not including the Winterfin tribe), they would probably be stupid and afraid of the unknown but if raised by anything else they may actully learn from them. they are most likely to make noises like "AAAAAAAAAAUGHWAWAAWAWAWA" if they are raised by murlocs.


There names are normally things like Ergl, Rrgl, Brgl or Mrmrwawa


The tigon is the easiest since all you have to do is act like a troll since tigon are transformed troll priests.


While playing as an ogre your either extremley smart or extremley dumb. You could be bloodthirsty or you could be a pacifist. You just have to follow the intellegence rule:

  • Death knight: Either as they would just be undead ogres
  • Druid: Dumb
  • Hunter: Dumb
  • Paladin: Either (no ogre paladins have been seen in-game)
  • Mage: Smart
  • Priest: Smart
  • Rogue: Dumb
  • Shaman: Dumb
  • Warlock: Smart
  • Warrior: Dumb


Wolvar are primitive and aggressive so just act like that and you will be able to make up the rest.


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