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Guild Challenges are weekly objectives for guilds added in Patch 4.1. These involve completing Scenarios, Dungeons, Challenge Mode Dungeons, Raids, or Rated Battlegrounds with a level-appropriate guild group. When completed, these reward guild achievements and gold deposited directly into the Guild Vault. Prior to Patch 6.0.2, these also rewarded bonus guild experience.

Completing a Guild Challenge will result in a popup to confirm credit has been awarded, similar to achievement popups (or "toasts"). The gold rewarded varies for each challenge type, but is the same regardless of level, size, or difficulty (normal, heroic, or mythic).

Guild group requirements

In order to receive credit, guild groups must be level-appropriate for the content they are doing. A guild group of level-18 players will receive credit for completing Deadmines, while a level-85 guild group will receive credit for Heroic Deadmines.

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This table illustrates the guild representation required to earn guild credit in various instance types.

Instance Type Guild members required
Scenario 3
5 player dungeon 3
10 player raid 8
20 player raid 16
25 player raid 20
Flexible raid 80% (rounded down)
Pre-Wrath 25/40 player raids 10
10 player rated battleground 8

Weekly cap

The following table represents the number of times a guild can receive rewards from each Guild Challenge. Each requires completion of their respective instance type, with the exception of the Raid Challenge—which is fulfilled by killing a single raid boss.

Instance Type Weekly cap
Dungeon 7
Scenario 15
Challenge Mode Dungeon 3
Raid 1 boss encounter
Rated Battleground 3


Patches and hotfixes

  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2015-12-15): "
    • Guild Challenge completion credit for guild groups in dungeons and raids are now only awarded when completing current-expansion content.
    • To offset this change, Guild Challenge completion credit no longer requires Dungeon Finder to queue for the dungeon. This means guild groups can now complete Mythic dungeons for Guild Challenge credit. Additionally, the gold awarded for all Guild Challenges has been increased by roughly 50%.
    • A discussion for these changes is available in the forum thread: Guild Challenge System Changes."
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.1.0 (2011-04-26): Added.

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