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Guild Master Services

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Guild Services

The Guild Master Services, or simply Guild Services, are paid services that allow the Guild Master character to change the faction, name or realm transfer of the guild. Choosing realm transfer or faction change will offer the name change service free of charge.

They can take up to 72 hours to complete.


Realm Transfer

The realm transfer option allows the user to transfer the guild master character to a different realm. It costs $35.

Faction Change

The faction change option allows the user to switch to the opposing faction on the same realm. It costs $40.

Name Change

The name change option allows the user to change the name of the guild. It costs $20 or free with one of the two above.

Eligibility & Limitations

  • The Guild Master must meet the same requirements for the equivalent character service. Visit the Character Transfer and Faction Change services for more details.
  • Post-transfer, your guild's old name may be unavailable on the realm for 90 days.
  • The Guild Master must hold that rank for a minimum of seven days before initiating a Guild Service.
  • The guild must have more than one member.
  • You can’t transfer with caged pets in your guild bank.
  • The Guild Master's Blizzard account must have an authenticator attached for at least seven days before you purchase a Guild Master Realm Transfer or Guild Master Faction Change. The seven days do not start until you log into the Guild Master character after adding the authenticator.
  • When performing a Guild Master Realm Transfer or Guild Master Faction Change, only the Guild Master character transfers realms or switches factions. The Guild Master takes the framework of the guild—including the guild bank, perks, and completed achievements—and has to reassign ranks on the new realm.
  • Progress is lost on incomplete Guild Achievements.
  • After a Guild Transfer is complete, the Guild Message of the Day will state that the guild has moved and your guild members will receive an in-game mail with transfer instructions.
  • If your guild name is taken on the destination realm, you will be prompted to pick a new name for your guild.
  • You cannot purchase a new guild service if you have used a guild or a personal character service (such as an individual character transfer) within the last 30 days.

Guild Member Changes

After the transfer, guild members remain in a placeholder version of the original guild. This placeholder guild does not have access to the guild bank, achievements, reputation, or awards. If a member quits the placeholder guild, they lose one rank of reputation with the original guild.

If they meet the requirements, guild members can purchase a Character Transfer to follow the guild to its new server. After the transfer, they will automatically rejoin the guild and restore their guild reputation. This process clears the Guild Activity feed. You can also use a Free Character Migration (if available) to rejoin the guild if the transfer didn't include a faction change.

If a member transfers before the guild does or quits the placeholder guild, they will not automatically rejoin the guild.

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