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Guild achievements are a combination of general, pvp and raid achievements earned through efforts of the guild as a whole. Some achievements reward the sum of the individual efforts of all guild members. Others require guild members to work together to accomplish a task as a group - to earn these achievements, there must be enough guild members participating to qualify as a guild group, the exact number depending on the type of content (see that page for a full chart).

Guild achievements reward guild achievement points instead of regular achievement points.



Player vs. Player



Dungeons & Raids


The Burning Crusade

Lich King Dungeon

Lich King Raid

Cataclysm Dungeons

Cataclysm Raid

Pandaria Dungeon

Pandaria Raid

Draenor Dungeon

Draenor Raid

Legion Dungeon

Legion Raid



Guild Feats of Strength

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