Gunnar Flyntrock

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NeutralGunnar Flyntrock
Image of Gunnar Flyntrock
Gender Male
Race Dark Iron dwarf
Class Warrior (presumed)
Affiliation(s) Dark Iron clan
Status Deceased
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Gunnar Flyntrock is the leader of a group of Dark Iron dwarves.

When Thargas Anvilmar, Varian "Lo'Gosh" Wrynn, Valeera Sanguinar and Broll Bearmantle were travelling through the Wetlands they were attacked by Gunmar and his dark iron dwarves. After a fierce battle, Gunnar's troops were defeated. Before his death, he said that Thargas's brother, Hjalmar Anvilmar was captured by the dark iron dwarves in Thandol Span. Thus, the four companions decided to rescue Hjalmar and go to Thandol Span.[1]