Gurubashi Berserker

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For the raid version, see Gurubashi Berserker (original). For the Throne of Thunder mobs, see Gurubashi Berserker (Throne of Thunder). For the Zuldazar mobs, see Gurubashi Berserker (Zuldazar).
CombatGurubashi Berserker
Image of Gurubashi Berserker
Race Dire troll (Humanoid)
Level 85 Elite
Wealth 82s 87c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Zul'Gurub

Gurubashi Berserkers can be found in Zul'Gurub.


  • Knock Away-Inflicts normal damage to an enemy and knocks it back.
  • Pursuit-This creature blindly chases the target and is immune to taunts.
    • Pursuit-The zombie fixates on a random target.
  • Thunderclap-Damages all nearby enemies for 31500 to 38500 Nature damage and slows attack speed by 20%.


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