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Image of Hae'Wilani
Title <Axecrafter>
Gender Female
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level 30
Health 1,100
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Darkspear Trolls
Occupation Vendor
Location Desolace

Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Hae'Wilani is a level 30 axe vendor located in Shadowprey Village in the contested territory of Desolace.[25.7, 71]


Battlemastergossipicon.pngItem Level Source Slot Cost
 [Merciless Axe] 26 Vendor Two-Handed Axe 3g 1s 95c
 [Midnight Axe] 29 Vendor Two-Handed Axe 4g 3s 42c
 [Bullova] 30 Vendor Two-Handed Axe 2g 82s 86c
 [Crescent Axe] 30 Vendor One-Handed Axe 2g 25s 48c
 [Francisca] 41 Vendor One-Handed Axe 5g 22s 20c
 [Great Axe] 39 Vendor Two-Handed Axe 5g 61s 70c

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