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Hakkap One-leg

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For the object of the same name, see Hakkap One-leg (object).
NeutralHakkap One-leg
Image of Hakkap One-leg
Gender Male
Race Vrykul
Affiliation(s) Drekirjar
Occupation Leader of the Galeborn
Location Buried in the Tomb of the Old Kings, Stormheim
Status Deceased
Companion(s) Ruthless (drake mount)

Hakkap One-leg was the first vrykul to learn how to tame the storm drakes of Stormheim. He and his powerful black drake, Ruthless, were unbeatable in battle, his newly trained Galeborn the fiercest warband in Stormheim. One day a thunderstorm covered nearly all of Stormheim, its thunder sounding of a titanic beast that echoed across the land. Hakkap and his strongest Galeborn flew into the storm, and in the clashes of lightning a great battle was fought. When the storm passed, Hakkap's body fell to the earth, and he was buried in the Tomb of the Old Kings on Shield's Rest.[1]