Hakmud of Argus

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AllianceHakmud of Argus
Image of Hakmud of Argus
Title <Traveling Trader>
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 80
Health 12,600
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Vendor
Location On Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
Status Alive

Hakmud of Argus is one of two Alliance traveling vendors preloaded with the  [Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth]. Hakmud sells reagents, ammo and  [Draenic Silk Robes] to any Alliance aligned player. In Mac'Aree Hakmud can be found alone at Azurelight Square.


Inv misc food 100 hardcheese.png [Briny Hardcheese]
1g 60s
Inv drink 01.png [Caraway Burnwine]
Inv misc food 102 flatbread.png [Crusty Flatbread]
Inv chest cloth 26.png [Draenic Silk Robes]
87g 50s 10c
Inv misc food 111 icefinfillet.png [Fillet of Icefin]
Inv misc food 109 honeylichen.png [Honey-Spiced Lichen]
Inv drink 25 honeytea.png [Honeymint Tea]
1g 10s
Inv misc food 108 meadcaribou.png [Mead Basted Caribou]
1g 60s
Inv drink 04.png [Northrend Honey Mead]
Inv misc food 110 emperorsalmon.png [Poached Emperor Salmon]
1g 60s
Inv drink 24 sealwhey.png [Pungent Seal Whey]
Inv drink 07.png [Refreshing Spring Water]
Inv misc food 107 venison.png [Salted Venison]
Inv misc food 105 snowplum.png [Savory Snowplum]
1g 60s
Inv tradeskillitem 01.png [Simple Wood]
Inv drink 02.png [Snowplum Brandy]
1s 50c
Inv misc food 101 sourcheese.png [Sour Goat Cheese]
Inv misc food 112 frostcaps.png [Sparkling Frostcap]
1g 60s
Inv misc food 103 potatobread.png [Sweet Potato Bread]
1g 60s
Inv drink 26 goatsmilk.png [Sweetened Goat's Milk]
Inv misc bag 29.png [Thick Hide Pack]
Inv misc food 104 tundraberries.png [Tundra Berries]


  • I thought we were friend, buddy! You leave Hakmud stranded?
  • Thanks, buddy! Thanks for nothing!
  • What is Hakmud supposed to do now, buddy?
  • Why do you treat Hakmud like this, buddy?
  • Hakmud cannot work under these conditions! Goodbye!
Dismounted (Argus)
  • Now everybody of Argus. Hakmud did not want to be special anyways!
  • You take Hakmud home and abandon him. Hakmud sees how it is!
  • It is not like Hakmud wanted to see his namesake or anything. Goodbye!
  • Are you going to just leave Hakmud here?
Azurelight Square, Mac'Aree, Argus

I am home. I have been lost for so long, stranded on a strange world with strange people... There are no words for this moment.

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