Hall of the Crescent Moon

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Hall of the Crescent Moon

The Hall of the Crescent Moon is the central room of the Horde-faction city of Shrine of Two Moons in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The main entrance is from the Golden Terrace. The hall connects to the Chamber of Masters to the west and Summer's Rest inn to the east, and a staircase and bridge in the back leads to the Hall of Tranquility to the left and Hall of Secrets to the right.

Jinho the Wind Breaker has a chance of providing passing adventurers with a temporary movement buff. In an alcove between the staircase and the entry to Summer's Rest, engineers have set up a hub, including a guild bank, vendor with repair services (the only one in the Shrine), Engineering trainer, and engineer-only auctioneer.

There are two balconies on the upper floor. The southwest one contains sample views of the newest tier gear and is accessible from Chamber of Wisdom, and the northeast one contains an inn and is accessible from The Keggary.


Southwest Balcony

Northeast Balcony

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