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Halla Blurblades

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NeutralHalla Blurblades
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Gender Female
Race Highmountain tauren (Humanoid)
Level 10-45
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bloodtotem tribe
Location Highmountain[41.3, 57.1]
Status Deceased

Halla Blurblades is a vision of a Highmountain tauren located in Highmountain. She appears upon interacting with the Ancient Spirit Drum.


Morg Strongcurrent says: Huln is right. We must unite against the Legion. It is the only way.
Halla Blurblades says: The Bloodtotem will never fight beside fishers and rock climbers!
Chief Headcloud says: The Skyhorn will not stand with these savages! They are as wretched as the demons!
Halla Blurblades says: Have a care, bird tender!
Morg Strongcurrent says: Enough! Will you doom our people for the sake of your pride? The Legion will leave nothing behind but the silent bones of our elders... our children.
Chief Headcloud says: That must not come to pass.
Halla Blurblades says: Never!
Morg Strongcurrent says: Then let us stand as one. For Highmountain.
Halla Blurblades says: We will bathe the mountain in fel blood!
Chief Headcloud says: Together!
Morg Strongcurrent says: Together.

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