Hallowed Ground

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For the paladin honor talent, see [Hallowed Ground]. For the priest artifact trait, see [Hallowed Ground].
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  • Hallowed Ground
  • Immune to all damage.

Hallowed Ground is a buff that renders players immune to all damage. The buff is gained by standing within a visible dome of energy in certain locations, currently found only in certain graveyards within designated PvP areas. The buff will be granted to the player for as long as they remain under the dome, and will be lost as soon as they leave it.

The buff is intended to prevent graveyard camping and honor farming, and gives players a chance to rally before choosing to return to the fight. It also provides players within these areas with a guaranteed safe space, which can be useful when needing to briefly leave the computer, quickly attend to non-PvP matters, or otherwise drop their guard. It was once a viable (though mean) battleground strategy to kill the enemy players and then pile on the campground, giving the players no chance to get back into the fray before dying again.


While the buff renders players immune to all damage, it does not prevent them from using spells and abilities, or attacking and dealing damage to enemy targets.


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