Halls of Stone loot

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This is a page listing loot to be found in the Halls of Stone. For information about the instance itself, see Halls of Stone.

Normal mode

Boss Item Type
Maiden of Grief  [Embrace of Sorrow] Agility cloak
 [Chain of Fiery Orbs] Spirit necklace
 [Ringlet of Repose] Spirit ring
Krystallus  [Leggings of Burning Gleam] Spirit cloth leggings
 [Hollow Geode Helm] Mail spirit helmet
 [Brann's Lost Mining Helmet] Strength plate helmet
Tribunal of Ages  [Cosmos Vestments] Caster leather chest
 [Constellation Leggings] Agility leather leggings
 [Linked Armor of the Sphere] Agility mail chest
Sjonnir The Ironshaper  [Static Cowl] Caster cloth helmet
 [Ironshaper's Legplates] Caster plate leggings
 [Amulet of Wills] Strength tank necklace
Trash mobs  [Unrelenting Blade] Melee dagger
 [Rune Giant Bindings] Spirit cloth bracers
 [Palladium Ring] Physical DPS ring

Heroic mode

Boss Item Type
Maiden of Grief  [Hammer of Grief] Melee two-hand mace
 [Maiden's Girdle] Caster leather belt
 [Lightning-Charged Gloves] Spirit mail gloves
 [Woeful Band] Strength tank ring
Krystallus  [Spaulders of Krystallus] Caster leather shoulders
 [Shardling Legguards] Caster plate leggings
 [The Prospector's Prize] Caster ring
Tribunal of Ages  [Sword of Justice] Strength two-hand sword
 [Mantle of the Tribunal] Caster cloth shoulders
 [Raging Construct Bands] Agility mail bracers
 [Sabatons of the Ages] Caster mail boots
Sjonnir The Ironshaper  [The Fleshshaper] Agility dagger
 [Leggings of the Stone Halls] Agility mail leggings
 [Bands of the Stoneforge] Strength plate bracers
 [Sjonnir's Girdle] Spirit plate belt
 [Boots of the Whirling Mist] Agility leather boots
 [Sun-Emblazoned Chestplate] Tank plate chest
 [Forge Ember] Caster trinket
 [Spark of Life] Spirit trinket
 [Frozen Orb] Trade goods
Trash mobs  [Dark Runic Mantle] Caster cloth shoulders
 [Patina-Coated Breastplate] Caster plate chest
 [Refined Ore Gloves] Tank plate gloves