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HordeHalo Drops

16 (Requires 12)




H [17] Field Promotion


Call in Airborne Priests at the bodies of 8 Wounded Soldiers on The Shattered Strand.

Provided item:


We've got "soldiers" all over the beach trying to get out of their work by dying on us. Find the slackers and use this flaregun to call in a priest to take care of the situation.

We can't have men thinking they can get off that easy.


It's a solid business model - Bedlam thought this one out pretty well. We hire 3 times as many people as we intend to pay, and depend on the rest to lose their money to resurrection fees.

Some of them even come back owing US money. Hah!


Fine job there, bud. We'll have this beach cleaned up in no time.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Inv misc cape 15.png [Disposable Cloak] Inv axe 117.png [Hort's Axe]

You will also receive 7s 20c if completed at level 85.


There are Wounded Soldiers all over the beach. You may have to battle naga to get close enough to them to fire the  [Sanctified Flaregun], so do the quest H [16] Mop Up at the same time.

Fire the flaregun, and an Airborne Priest parachutes to the wounded soldier and resurrects him. The Wounded Soldier then runs off.

When the Airborne Priest lands, he says one of the following:

  • Airborne Priest says: Health from above!
  • Airborne Priest says: I've got what you need!
  • Airborne Priest says: Light is money, friend.
  • Airborne Priest says: Rez incoming!
  • Airborne Priest says: Your salvation has arrived... and it's affordably priced!

After the Airborne Priest resurrects the Wounded Soldier, he says one of the following:

  • Airborne Priest says: Back to work!
  • Airborne Priest says: I'm charging you for hazard pay on this one, pal.
  • Airborne Priest says: Not getting out of your debts that easy.
  • Airborne Priest says: That's 3 for you, buddy. One more and my fee goes up.
  • Airborne Priest says: Walk it off.


  1. H [16] Operation Fishgut
  2. H [16] Rapid Deployment
  3. H [16] There Are Many Like It
  4. H [16] First Come, First Served / H [16] Halo Drops / H [16] Mop Up
  5. H [17] Field Promotion
  6. Complete all of the following:
  7. H [17] Shore Leave

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