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For the ship, see Harbinger.

Harbingers is an animated series designed to tie in with World of Warcraft: Legion, similar to The Burdens of Shaohao and Lords of War. It is centered around Illidan Stormrage, Khadgar, and Gul'dan.[1] The first episode, featuring Gul'dan,[2] debuted at the "Road to Legion" panel at San Diego Comic-Con on June 21st 2016.[3]

One of the episodes focuses on Illidan as he recruits night elves to aid him in his fight against demons. Kor'vas Bloodthorn also features as a supporting character, as she starts as a willing recruit, but begins questioning what her fellows are giving up in their quest for vengeance.[4]


Major Supporting



Harbingers - Gul'dan

Discover the origins of Gul'dan in the first Harbingers animated short

Harbingers - Khadgar

Determined to find anything that will help him against the Burning Legion, Khadgar travels to an ancient tower and meets an echo of his former mentor, Medivh.

Harbingers - Illidan

Follow the tale of an Illidari recruit and Illidan's elite corps of demon hunters as they prepare to engage the Burning Legion for the first time.

Cast & crew


Retcons & inconsistencies

  • The official description of the Illidan episode states that the attack on Azgoth was the first time that the demon hunters engaged the Burning Legion in combat.[7] However, in the World of Warcraft: Illidan novel, Illidan "wondered whether [the demon hunters] would survive the first battle" before stepping into the portal to Nathreza.[9]
    • This can probably be explained by the fact that there were at least two groups of demon hunters: seniors such as Needle and Varedis, and then the trainees that traveled to Nathreza. Kor'vas may have been part of the first group.
      • The description of the video mention that the demon hunters were elite corps indicating several potential groups of demon hunters.
      • This may be supported by the fact that Vandel of the second group now serves Belath Dawnblade, a colleague of Korvas, as a scout,[10] instead of being Belath's equivalent.
  • Khadgar states that none has taken the role of the Guardian after Medivh's death. This indirectly first retconned Med'an's role of being a Guardian at the start of the war against the Lich King. Alex Afrasiabi later confirmed that Med'an's role as a Guardian is non-canon.
  • Gul'dan's video retconned away him being a member of the Shadowmoon clan and an apprentice of Ner'zhul from the official Warlords of Draenor character description (and Rise of the Horde). World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 2 later consolidated the two and confirmed that the story happened in main universe too, but it retconned Rise of the Horde's depiction of Gul'dan's servitude to Kil'jaeden.