Hardly Working

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NeutralHardly Working

96 (Requires 96)




Item level 565 necklaces
13g 80s


N [96] Power Unearthed


N [96] Control is King


Use Illusion Effigies to create decoys for 10 Enslaved Outcasts.

  • Enslaved Outcasts freed x10

Provided item:  [Illusion Effigies]


Those who were not incinerated at Veil Akraz are forced to help the Adherents excavate the very weapons aimed at their heads.

Anyone trying to escape is vaporized by the overseer's Apexis turret.

With these effigies, they won't know anyone has left! Place one near an enslaved worker and observe as it creates a perfect copy. It even cloaks the subject in shadow, so they can slip away safely!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc necklace 6 0 016.png [Skywatch Adherent Pendant] Inv misc necklace 6 0 015.png [Skywatch Adherent Choker]
Inv misc necklace 6 0 024.png [Skywatch Adherent Locket] Inv misc necklace 6 0 014.png [Skywatch Adherant Necklace]
Inv misc necklace 6 0 031.png [Skywatch Adherant Gorget]

You will also receive:


Impressive, aren't they? My own creation.

A simple wooden effigy bearing just a pinch of enchantment.


Deception is the ultimate power. Remember this, <name>.


Pick up N [96] Legacy of the Apexis and N [96] Sol Sisters before heading out.

Kill constructs and free slaves, then head uphill. Don't bother entering the burrow at ground level, unless looking for more slaves to free or constructs to kill.

On the top level of the area, head north to find Sol-Shaper Krashyx in the room.

Sol-Shaper Krashyx says: How dare you challenge the will of Rukhmar!

Finish her off:

Sol-Shaper Krashyx says: You will... burn...

Before heading south to find Veoryx, exit Krashyx's room, and follow the ledge to the northeast. On the other side of the ridge is rare basilisk Stonespite, which drops the Stonespite Scale Leggings and 20-30 [Garrison Resources].

After killing the basilisk, run back down to the middle level and follow the trail south and enter the cave on that level. All the way in the back, find Sol-Shaper Veoryx channeling something at an Inactive Apexis Destroyer.

Sol-Shaper Veoryx says: The secrets of the Apexis will be revealed to us!

Finish her off.

Sol-Shaper Veoryx says: Sister...

Turn in to the Inactive Apexis Destroyer in the middle of the room.

Exit the cave and follow the trail southwest. It is possible to run up to the upper level without having to backtrack to where Krashyx was, and the switchback comes out right next to Overseer Akrath. Aggro him, and a beam of light comes from Skyreach, incinerating the

Enslaved Outcast that Akrath was staring down:

Overseer Akrath yells: You ground-dwellers need to learn your place!

Finish him off:

Overseer Akrath says: Lowborn... wretches.

Loot the  [Apexis Interface] and run across the bridge to the southeast. Just on the other side is the Overseer's Chair. Turn in, pick up the next quest, then hop in the chair. It has two abilities:

  1. Solar Beam — Fire a beam at the ground for 4 sec, searing enemies near the impact area. Instant (4 sec cooldown)
  2. Solar Flare — Fires a ball of solar energy that collies and explodes, dealing damage in an area. Instant. (1 sec cooldown)

Use Solar Beam for the Apexis Destroyer constructs, and Solar Flare for the groups of Sol-Shapers flying about. If left alone, both sets of enemies will do enough damage to destroy the Apexis Turret!

Once done, head back to where Raastok and Kura the Blind were to turn in.


  1. N [96] Power Unearthed
  2. Complete all of:
    1. N [96] Sol Sisters
    2. N [96] Shot-Caller
    3. N [96] Hot Seat
  3. N [96] Control is King

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