Harlan Needs a Resupply

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AllianceHarlan Needs a Resupply

2 (Requires 1)






+75 Stormwind




Go to the Canal Tailor Shop and bring Rema Schneider the Cloth Request from Harlan Bagley.


We've been doing a lot of business lately. It seems like everyone is buying armor and sturdy clothes. Almost like they expect a cold, harsh season ahead...

But those are future worries. My worry today is that I'm running out of knitted clothing to sell. I need another load from our supplier.

If you can take this request to Rema Schneider at the Canal Tailor and Fit Shop, I'd be most grateful.


You will receive: 17c


You bring word from Mr. Bagley?


It says here that Harlan's business is booming. That's good news, but I wonder why people have need of all that armor. I've heard nothing of open war...is there something the nobles aren't telling us?

Well, thank you for bringing the request. Here's your payment, and I'll see to it that Harlan gets his supplies.


On completion:

Rema's husband, Corbett Schneider, spawns.
Rema Schneider says: Corbett, you there? Harlan needs another load of knitted goods. Can you take it to him?
Corbett Schneider says: My pleasure, sugar drop. I'll be back soon...
Corbett walks off toward Lionheart Armory.
Corbett Schneider says: I should have a few extra coins from this sale. Maybe I'll buy myself some lunch...
Corbett Schneider says: Oomph! Here's another load of supplies, Harlan. It must be selling fast!
Harlan Bagley says: Ah yes, and promptly delivered. As always, it's a pleasure doing business with you, Corbett.
Corbett Schneider says: Well, I'm off then. Take care, Harlan.
Corbett Schneider says: Now for that snack...
He heads over to Trias' Cheese.
Corbett Schneider says: Hullo, Trias clan! A ball of your smoked mozzarella, if you please!
Elaine Trias says: Hi Corbett! Here, you go! I trust business is faring well at your clothier shop...?
Corbett Schneider says: Yes ma'am, business is brisk!
Corbett Schneider says: Thank you kindly!
Corbett turns and leaves.
Corbett Schneider says: Time to get back to the shop...
Corbett Schneider says: I'm back!
Corbett walks upstairs and despawns.


Stormwind map
Harlan Bagley @ 62.34,67.82
Rema Schneider @ 58.08,67.46

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