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Haruspices are key members of the Zandalar tribe. By communion with animals and giving them up to the spirits when needed, they give the tribe divine guidance. In times past, the haruspex's insight and wisdom gave the Zandalari an edge in the wars against the splintered tribes of the Gurubashi.[1] The Zandalar know not of druidic ways; nature is to be shaped by their need, not the other way around. Still, a haruspex is the one of them most in tune with nature, and rightly so. To give up the ghost of a beast is to know what it is to be one of them. That is the real power of nature.[2] The ultimate symbol of a haruspex's power is what they wear. Of these, the tunic symbolizes the connection between themselves and the divine wisdom they seek. It often weaves parts of the beasts they sacrifice into the tunic; this reminds them of the connection they have to their gifts.[3]



  • Though it was said that Zandalar "knew not of druidic ways", the Zandalari have been shown to be heavily influenced by the Loa druidically, with there being several wardruids, two of which sit upon the Zanchuli Council. As a result, it appears this concept has been retconned.