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Image of Hastings
Title <The Caretaker>
Gender Male
Race Human (Undead)
Level 70 Elite
Occupation Caretaker
Location Karazhan

Hastings is the ghostly caretaker of Karazhan, and can be found just inside the Servants' Quarters.


Damn all these vermin! I don't suppose you could help me with this situation?

Gossip Help you with what situation?

The damn spiders, the endlessly screeching bats, and those blasted demon beasts have all taken residence in the Servant's Quarters. It's not safe to walk around anymore, especially when the big ones come out of hiding.

Gossip Big ones?

Oh yeah, I've never seen them personally, but sometimes I hear them in the distance. Keep a watchful eye out for them if you venture inside.



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